White horses oil painting by Sue Westin
photo of Sue Westin

  Sue Westin

Sue Westin is a versatile artist who has painted a wide variety of subjects and has worked in a variety of art mediums: oil, watercolor, stone, and theorem painting.  An artist of many subjects, including human portraiture, she is best known for her paintings of wildlife, particularly coastal birds and bison.  Westin is a Master Artist member of the Society of Animal Artists - a five-time recipient of the Society’s highest award, the Award of Excellence.   Since 1987 her paintings have been in eighteen exhibitions and tours of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s internationally acclaimed “Birds In Art” and have been displayed in museums across the United States and in Canada, Japan, Sweden, Germany and Kenya.

In 2011 Westin traveled twice to San Carlos, Mexico in preparation for the “Sea Of Cortez” exhibition at the Sonora-Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona.   In 2008 traveled as a crew member of WREAF (Wilderness River Expedition Artists Foundation) to northern Labrador to witness the fall Caribou migration.

Sue Westin considers life and art an intertwined adventure that includes the inner workings of the mind and spirit and experiences ranging from the everyday world to far away places.