Sue Westin painting in the studio

All of these original paintings are custom framed and available directly from the artist.

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“RESCUED” Oil on canvas 16 X 12″ $2,500 (currently on tour, but available)
“FINDING BLISS” Oil on hardboard 11 X 14 $2,400

A oil painting of a fern-covered rock by Sue Westin
“FERN ROCK” oil on hardboard 12 X 16″ $2100

A painting of a Curve-billed Thrasher by Sue Westin
“DESERT CURVES – Curve-billed Thrasher” Oil on Hardboard 20 X 15″ $4500

Sanderling painting by Sue Westin
“EBB & FLOW – Sanderling” 9×12″ Oil on hardboard $1,200

A painting of the Bernini Fountain by Sue Westin
“I LIFT UP MY EYES” 12 X 9 Oil on board $1,300

a Painting of a Map turtle sunning on a rock
“NORTHERN MAP TURTLE” watercolor 8 X 10″ $700

A painting of a Caddisfly by Sue Westin
“WALKING ON ICE” Mixed Media on hardboard 30 X 20″ $8000

A painting of a kestrel and a cyborg dragonfly by Sue Westin
“DEATH OF A CYBORG – American Kestrel”
Oil on hardboard 10 X 8″ $1400

A painting of a horse being washed by Sue Westin
“RELIEF” Oil on canvas 24 X 18″ $4700

Sue Westin oil painting of two parakeets
“BABES IN TOYLAND” Oil on hardboard 20 X 16″ $2300

Oil painting of White Ibis by Sue Westin
“EVENING TIDE AT TARPON BAY” Oil on canvas 20 X 30″ $6600

Baby Bulldog oil painting by Sue Westin
“BABY BULLDOG” 8 X 10 oil on canvas $700