September 9th through November 26th 2023 LEIGH YAWKEY WOODSON ART MUSEUM, Wausau, WI

112 artist from around the world presents original paintings, sculptures, and graphics created within the last three years.
Mountain Magic – 19 X 35″ Oil on Hardboard  $9,500
John’s painting of “Mountain Magic” was juried into this year’s international fine art exhibition of world-class bird art.
This painting is based on John’s observation of these birds flying not together but at once in sight of each other.  He was watching the Raven and Golden Eagle when out of nowhere the unexpected Bald Eagle soared magically into view!
“I was hiking in early spring where the subalpine meadows were still melting snowfields. The Horned Larks had returned and were foraging amongst early blooming saxifrage.  From scattered groves of fir I heard the low ventriloquial hoots of a displaying Blue Grouse.  The frustration of trying to see such an elusive bird only added to the mystique of this high country.  There are few places one would expect to see a Golden Eagle, Common Raven and  a Bald Eagle in the same view … so when I did, that’s when I decided to portray this trio in their magical setting of Washington’s Olympic National Park”
“BIRDS IN ART” 2023 Museum Exhibition

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