September 9 – November 26 2017  Wausau, Wisconsin  

“A Murder of Crows” -framed

John’s painting of ” A Murder of Crows” was selected to be part of this year’s prestigious exhibit of world-class bird art at the Leigh Yawkey Woods Art Museum.  His painting will no doubt be a “show-stopper” with it’s bright yellow crime scene tape custom built into the frame!  John found these dead birds and felt it would make an interesting theme of beauty and tragity in the same picture.

HIRAM BLAUVELT ART MUSEUM, NJ  September 2 – October 29, 2017

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Both Sue and John are exhibiting in this prestigious show with many of the worlds finest animal artists.  Sue’s mixed media painting of a Caddisfly walking under the ice is a most intriguing work!  John’s acrylic painting of Canada geese captures their grace and elegance.

Canada Geese painting by John C. Pitcher
“CANADIAN FLOTILLA”     by   JC Pitcher
Caddisfly painting by Sue Westin
“Walking On Ice” by Sue Westin 


On October 7th John has been asked to give a talk and share his field journals with the attending SAA members

Bird sketch by John C. Pitcher
Entries from one of John’s Nature Journals           NATURE JOURNALING The art of Discovery

Thursday 7:00 pm,  Sept. 21 2017  One World Conservation Center, Bennington, VT   Contact Info Link

Join John as he delivers a PowerPoint presentation on how he creates his Nature Journals and award-winning paintings of nature.  Learn how to set up your own system of recording your  travels and adventures with nature.